The application of Stabilco’s MatrixMaterials™ technology permits the use of alternative aggregates, including wastes, which not only drastically reduces cost compared with conventional quarried materials, and but also minimises the carbon footprint of infrastructure construction.

Specialist environmental consultant, Advitech Pty Limited, has undertaken a detailed life cycle analysis of MatrixMaterials™ used in road construction to verify and concluded:

  • Reduced carbon footprint of road infrastructure by 53%
  • 100% waste replacing natural resources

The innovative technology can include waste products from many industries: mining, chemical, manufacturing, construction, utility and municipal. The technology enables these many economic sectors to participate in the circular economy.

As road construction and maintenance consume large quantities of materials, the technology provides a large volume sustainable ‘sink’ for these wastes.

MatrixMaterials™ technology is:

  • Driving the reform of environmental regulation;
  • Becoming a ‘game-changer’ for the waste and recycling industry;
  • Reduce the carbon emissions associated with the building of infrastructure.