Financial gains with MatrixMaterials

MatrixMaterials deliver significant cost savings throughout the construction and entire life-cycle of infrastructure.


Matrix Materials are approximately 25% less dense when compacted, compared to virgin quarried materials.

As a result of this compacted density difference, significant savings arise from using Matrix Materials – approximately 25% less material is required – that is, the same job requires less tonnage of Matrix Materials as it would require of virgin quarried materials.


Using Matrix Materials will mean further savings on the cost of material transportation, as Matrix Materials are lighter – that is, there is less material. Trucks carry greater volumes, resulting in  30% less truck movements.


Construction techniques are simpler and require less time and lower energy investment when using MatrixMaterials:

  • less rolling is required for compaction
  • no dry-back period is required
  • materials perform well under construction traffic, reducing or eliminating the need for reworking
  • materials perform well in wet weather, resulting in no ‘soft spots’

Overall, clients experience a 25% productivity increase during construction when using MatrixMaterials.


The technology behind MatrixMaterials directly addresses the cause of pavement failure, giving superior performance and long-term resilience.

Pavement infrastructure constructed with virgin quarried materials can fail within months or a few short years of construction, requiring high-cost maintenance and servicing.

MatrixMaterials are building pavement infrastructure of the future – infrastructure which lasts longer and requires minimal maintenance.