Build better infrastructure with MatrixMaterials:
a lower cost, longer lasting, sustainable solution.

StabilCo has taken a leadership role in pavement & materials research. We produce innovative pavement materials, ready for use in horizontal infrastructure, including roads, rail, airport hardstands, landfill liners, dam cores and cycleways.

StabilCo’s MatrixMaterials™ technology is a system involving scientifically advanced, workable products and simpler engineered construction techniques than conventional road base requires. MatrixMaterials™ are fit-for-purpose, performance-based solutions.

Our products can incorporate 100% recycled resources – we partner with mining, utility, municipal and chemical industries to bring their waste into re-use in the circular economy. We enable these industries to reduce their waste disposal costs and levies.

At it’s very nature is the ability of MatrixMaterials™ to be developed and distributed globally to accommodate users in the local market – meaning everyone can access low cost, low maintenance, high performance, sustainable horizontal infrastructure.

The superior MatrixMaterials™ system is proven to deliver massive financial and environmental savings through:

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